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Tips  and  Comments

 We have some SMALL

 recommendation for you,

 if you want to win money!


 1. Think 3 times before

     filling playslip.

 2. Don't risk your money without

     our lottery program, because

     we are not doing lottery

     prediction, but lottery forecast.

 3. If you have like-minded

     friends, then you can buy

     the program and play lottery


 4. Buy our Book "User Guide"

     for best lottery results.


   lottery software




You can try it NOW!

Version 4.8.0



lottery software


To make it easy for you to decide about the purchase of our software we offer a demo version of our product. After installing the software, you can test all features of Superlotto Gold, with the exception of forecast for future drawings * and then decide whether you wish to buy the product or not.

We have made every effort to make sure you do not have any problem, we'll suggest the easiest way of achieving the necessary results. 

You can have a Demo and Full versions together on the same PC. They work independently from each other!

* Adding new draws is off.


About software


Version: 4.9.2

File size:  45.1 Mb

Operating System:

Windows NT/2000/2003

XP/Vista/7/8/10 - all editions (x86/x64)

Release:  April  2017

lottery software
Practical results

      Here are some results of real forecasts obtained when we performed research on the program "Superlotto Gold". You can get them yourself by repeating the test examples, with no need to remove draws prior to the forecast.

... results of forecasts for 23 drawings, one time the program issued a forecast with all 5 of the winning numbers...


...YOUR  GAIN  IS  $100,341...


            lottery software